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NanoTech is a UBC venture comprising of highly educated and experienced principals primarily equipped with academic research and professional expertise as well as a desire to innovate in the area of rust converter coatings and surface modification.
NanoTech Innovation develops highly engineered nano rust converters that can penetrate deep into the rusty surfaces on equipment and pipes, and converts the existing rust to a coating barrier that prevents future corrosion.
NanoTech’s product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, economical and easy to use. Unlike the available products in the market which require surface pre-treatment (such as sand blasting, wire brushing and/or acid washing) to make a fine surface with low roughness suitable for coating, NanoTech's product does not need any surface pre-preparation.
NanoTech’s rust converter which relies on nano-sized particles removes several steps in the rust treatment process. This is an important factor in many industries where treatment time is short, and the equipment are in difficult-to-access locations.

Leveraging our unique knowledge and experience in nanotechnology, we make a positive impact on industrial markets and environment to make the world cleaner and safer place for future generations by providing green nanotechnology-based solutions for corrosion treatment

We leverage our passion, innovation and excellence to design and manufacture most advanced and accessible corrosion treatment products

Core Values:
Integrity, Passion, Respect, Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability


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